Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Heart of Darkness Poems

Part I: The Fog
Let there be light
The lights shone strongly, but the mystery of an
Unknown earth crept on.
O' the horror of not knowing exactly what to do;

To trust or not to trust?

The savagery, like hearts of wild men, is deadly.
But they did not cry out in suffering;
But for the bodies they had not conquered
They did not cry out in suffering;
But for the bodies still not devoured.

They lived in the hear of darkness.

Part II: Black Purity
"For those in misery perhaps better things will follow."
Black shapes crouched, helpless
In pain, abandonment, and despair.
They were not enemies
Nor were they criminals.

The brown current ran swiftly
Out of the heart of darkness.
But we were still wrapped in
Shadows of disease and of profound evil
We two whites stood over them; Higher here
But not in spirit.
Perhaps they were the same as us...

But we kill this
Glorious idea before long;
Before it forms.
No doubt, our ideas
Never can be

Part III: Within Every Rib
"A man to a man is like a wolf."

But the truth of things is:
I let the wilderness
Find a home in my heart.
I thought I could spare me
From the horror
From the shadows

But he truth of things is:
Its in all of us men;
Black men, white men, no one
Escapes the hand of darkness.
A monstrous gloom in
Sunshine, I lay with grass
Growing through my ribs. Tall
Enough to hide my bones.
Yes, a heart of darkness
Circles this once body of sunshine

And it will do the same
To you all;
To you all!

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